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Open up the pub trade magazine and 2/3rds of pubs say they are no longer making a profit.


In fact every two days another one closes.

We are no different and if we are brutally honest, we are running out of options.

After an amazing outpouring of support we have continued to cut costs, rent out our community kitchen, put on more events, open later or not at all on Sundays.

We can’t compete with the bright lights of Brighton or the student bars so we have to do what makes us unique. In the last week alone we hosted line dancing, kids club, job club, seniors lunch, disability disco and Saturday night bingo.

That’s more than just a pub.

Thanks to funding we have managed to keep the seniors club at a fiver and the afterschool club free because we feel everyone has a right to have some fun with their family.

But we are on a knife edge.

Utility bills continue to rocket, food and beer inflation is terrifying – but if we charge too much for a pint no one will be able to pop in for one.

So what to do?

Once again we are asking for your support.

We are embarrassed to come cap in hand and ask for support. But we believe the Bevy is an important part of the local area and worth trying to save.

Join our Friends of the Bevy scheme or make a one off donation where the money help subsidize all our clubs.

Would you like to invest? – we can arrange a meeting and share our accounts. 

We don’t want the Bevy to be another closed statistic.

Let’s hope we won’t be calling last orders soon. 

Support the Bevy!

How we help the community


The Bevy is a Community Benefit Society and we exist to make a social impact. Any profits we make from the pub are ploughed back into the projects we run and support, it’s only thanks to the generosity of so many people that we are able to do what we do.

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    The Bevy

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    Sunday –12 till 6pm


    Tel: 01273 281009

    Find us:
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    Brighton BN2 4TF

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